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Select specializes in finding the right career fit for people, and the right people for businesses in Southern Alberta!


Teamworks Career Centre provides government-funded training to employment programs specifically designed to give participants the skills needed to help them achieve their career goals. We also offer a variety of career counselling services to meet your individual needs.

Owning vs Leasing

For Ryan and his team, ownership was a key advantage of his new space at Post. Ryan decided to set up a permanent home for Teamworks and Select for many reasons, including;

  • Permanence.
  • Cultural Relevance.
  • Equity Investment.
  • Community Connection.
  • Independence.

Designing the floor plan

Working with our expert architectural team Ryan has created the perfect workspace for the Select and Teamworks culture and workflow. Incorporating some of the unique historical gems of the building, the space has a spectacular finish.

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Ryans Floor
Team Lounge Views of Downtown Natural Light Dynamic Space Work Space Priorities Rich History

Team Lounge

Changes in scenery are proven to improve team perspective-taking and mental stamina. The lounge is a perfect environment to take a short mental break or simply escape the desk and do some work from a more comfortable and social setting.

Views of Downtown

A great view of Downtown Lethbridge's lush treetops, coulees, and on a clear day, the Rocky Mountains. The views from Post are even better than the views of Post.

Natural Light

Natural light improves the health, wellness, and productivity of your team. Leveraging the massive windows at Post for collaborative or high-density space ensures it's enjoyed by your full team.

Dynamic Space

Moveable walls and multi-purpose spaces enable your floor plan to work for you. A collapsable wall divides the presentation/training space in the teamwork training centre. Enabling them to change the layout to best suit the training and capacity needs.

Work Space Priorities

Working with professionals to design your floor space is key to long term usability and comfort. For the Select Recruiting team, confidentiality and privacy is very important. Designing the space with privacy in mind enables Ryan's team to serve their clients better.

Rich History

Occupying a historical building grants teams unique design elements that aren't available anywhere else. Ryan's floor plan will expose this over 100-year-old brick in their idea room. The room will have an undoubtedly grand impact on clients and team members with each visit.

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