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Explore the second floor at Post, including unit information and a floorplan download. 

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2nd Floor
Tenant Nook Main Boardroom North-East Entrance Unit 214 Unit 215 Washrooms Rooftop Garden Unit 216 Unit 221 Unit 222 Unit 224 Unit 223 Unit 217 Unit 218 Unit 220 Unit 219 Second Boardroom Tenant Lounge Washrooms South West Entrance

Tenant Nook

The tenant nooks are an excellent place for a casual meeting or cross-business networking.

Main Boardroom

Outfitted with the latest video conferencing and audio capturing hardware, the main boardroom is shared among tenants on the second floor and reserved via our digital booking software.

North-East Entrance

Access to the second floor via, the NE Lobby elevator or stairs.

Unit 214

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 214 is a prime spot on the second floor of Post. Overlooking the busy downtown corner of 4th Avenue and 7th Street the oversized windows will delight a team of up to 28 people.

Unit 215

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Unit 215 is the largest single-unit on the second floor, perfect for a team of 18 - 32. This large unit dominates the North-East corner of the building with views and character-rich features.



North East shared washrooms for the second floor of Post.

We don't promote collaboration with this type of business.

Rooftop Garden

Our rooftop garden gives users of Post a relaxing outdoor environment for some creative thinking, casual meeting, or a relaxing break from work.

Unit 216

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 216 can be easily combined with Uniti 217 for additional space (if required). On its own, 216 is perfectly sized for a team of 5-9. This corner unit is highly visible and accessible along the main corridor and main boardroom.

Unit 221

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 221 offers easy access from the NE lobby, perfect for a health care provider or public service company with room for a team of 7-12.

Unit 222

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 222 is a large and cost-effective unit at Post, with room for 9-17 team members. Perfect for professional services looking for a large blank canvas to innovate and grow.

Unit 224

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 224 owns the South-East corner and sunrise over City Hall. This team of 9-17 will appreciate neighbouring the rooftop garden and tenant lounge, and clients will appreciate it as the first unit as they enter the corridor.

Unit 223

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 223 is a strong location for a professional services business looking for credibility and proximity to important downtown services. Alternatively, it can also be easily combined with units 224 or 222, offering flexibility and growth with room for 7-13 team members.

Unit 217

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 217 is easily combined with unit 216 for businesses looking for a larger footprint at Post. This unit has great views of the RBC building and 7th Street's tree line and room for a team of 5-10.

Unit 218

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 218 is a cost-effective solution for large teams looking to enter post with 10-19 team members. Plenty of windows and views for the team to enjoy with added efficiency with open workspaces.

Unit 220

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 220 is an excellent option for businesses looking to house a 4-9 employee's with an open workspace. This unit has great visibility and access via the South-West entrance and user amenities.

Unit 219

Download Unit Floorplan

Unit 219 is a small unit for a team of 4-7 employees. With the most direct access of any unit to the South-West Entrance, this unit is perfect for a business with sales staff or frequent short clientele visits. Large windows give this unit incredible natural light for it's size.

Second Boardroom

A perfect meeting spot for a team meeting or an important client presentation. This corner jewel is easy to locate and gives a great impression of your business.

Tenant Lounge

The tenant lounge gives every user a great place to unwind with lunch or meet with a co-worker and client over a fresh coffee. Equipped with everything your team needs for food storage and caffeine, the lounge will certainly be a common meeting place in the building.


South-West shared washrooms for the second floor of Post.

We don't promote collaboration with this type of business.

South West Entrance

Elevator and stair access from the South-West Lobby.
This entrance has the nearest proximity to the Park-n'-Ride.