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Inspired by larger centers, signage helps the public discover and access businesses within Post. Three 55" Full HD displays will ensure that businesses within Post are identifiable!

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More changes with the modernization

7th Street Exterior

7th Street Exterior

Adjacent to the City of Lethbridge’s $20M Park n’ Ride facility. With 300+ parking stalls nearby we’ve made sure the entrance is recognizable and impressive!

4th Ave Exterior

4th Ave Exterior

A bold and recognizable new entrance for 4th Avenue. Our copper-toned glass tower will perfectly complement the historic building. Creating a physical divide between modern and historic. Respecting and complementing both styles, without compromising on either.

Wellness Studio

Wellness Studio

Taking yoga or mindfulness classes? Use the on-site facility to cut the commute and take back your day! Use on the onsite change rooms/showers for added convenience.

Display Specifications

North-East (4th Avenue) Entrance

South-West (7th Street) Entrance


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